Mega Fam

Malaysia Mega Familiarisation Programme

The Malaysia Mega Familiarisation Tour Programme or “MEGA FAM” was introduced in 1999 and implemented in year 2000 following the meeting between the Minister of Culture, Arts and Tourism and representatives of Malaysia’s tourism industry. The strategic focus of this programme is to coordinate efforts of both public and private sectors in promoting Malaysia as preferred holiday destinations.

Conceptually, the Programme is perceived as a bold and aggressive Public Relation exercise ever taken by Tourism Malaysia. It is designed as a strategy to create greater impact among the international travel community and can also be viewed as a repositioning strategy for Malaysia as a quality and value- for-money tourist destination, considering the dynamic changes in demand, taste and preference of international travellers.


  • The programme intends to provide participants with first-hand information and experience on Malaysia, which helps to overcome any misconception about the political, economic and social aspects of the country.
  • To ensure continuous publicity on new and existing tourism products hence encourage tourist arrivals and tourism receipt to Malaysia

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