Oct 10, 2015
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Tourism Business, Licensing & Registration

MOTAC Licensing

If you are a practitioner in the tourism industry, we provide promotional related advisory on tourism and hospitality industry from statistical information to guidance on how to apply for the requisite licences from the Ministry of Tourism and Culture.

The Ministry client charter

  • to provide quality and timely tourism services
  • to provide quality tourism activities/programmes in order to promote the involvement and appreciation of society for the tourism industry
  • to provide high quality and viable tourism infrastructures throughout the country
  • to promote the country as a premier tourist destination at domestic and international levels


The Ministry of Tourism and Culture is the authority that enforce and implement provisions in the Tourism Industry Act, Tourism Vehicles Licensing Act including regulations made thereunder. Operators are required by law to register and/or licensed before beginning tourism related business activities. These include licensing of Tourist Accommodation Premises, Registration of Tourism Project, administration of Malaysia Tourism Quality Assurance (MyTQA), National Library Membership Registration, Museum Volunteers Registration, Craft Entreprenuers Registration, Craft Members Registration among others.

Get Your Products Accredited

Malaysia Tourism Quality Assurance (MyTQA) is the initiative of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture to improve the quality of service and facilities for tourism products in Malaysia. It encourages a Tourist First approach to customer service. It allows participants to display their certification for promotional purposes, opportunities for training sponsored by Ministry of Tourism and Culture, attending trade missions overseas and lending opportunities under the Tourism Loan Funds. MyTQA objectives include to increase customer confidence for tourism related products and services accredited, classification of tourism products and up to standards, inculcate a culture that values quality tourism products and services as well as quality improvements of tourism products and services in Malaysia.

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