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Malaysia welcomes almost 25 million tourists annually, and for good reason – our colourful, multi-cultural and multi-religious nation is a multi-faceted gem that sparks as much interest with her quiet graces and natural attractions as her wild, thrilling ones. Visit Malaysia Year is a campaign event held from time to time to highlight the best of what Malaysia has to offer as a leading tourist destination in Asia.

Visit Malaysia Year 1990 - "To know Malaysia is to love Malaysia" and 7.4 million in tourist arrivals.

With that unforgettable song, Visit Malaysia Year (VMY) was first launched in 1990 with the theme "Fascinating Malaysia. Year of Festivals". The campaign was a huge success with Malaysia charting 7.4 million in tourist arrivals compared to 4.8 million in 1989. To enable tourists to easily recognize Malaysia, an orang utan, being an endangered species found in East Malaysia, was used as a mascot and it was named Wira. Meanwhile, Kuala Lumpur’s famous landmark, the Sultan Abdul Samad building, was featured as the official logo of VMY 1990. Malaysia’s Independence Day celebrated on August 31 of that year was the anchor for 84 major events, 14 festivals, and nine vibrant exhibitions.

Visit Malaysia Year 1994 - "Fascinating Malaysia. Naturally More" and 10.22 million in tourist arrivals.

The success of VMY 1990 spurred another VMY in 1994. This time around, the theme was "Fascinating Malaysia. Naturally More". VMY 1994 maintained the words "Fascinating Malaysia" for its theme but injected an additional punchline "Naturally More", to reflect more exciting events lined up for that year.

Visit Malaysia Year 2007 - "Malaysia Truly Asia" and 20.97 million in tourist arrivals

The third VMY was launched in 2007 in conjunction with the celebration of Malaysia’s 50th Year of Independence. Hence, the theme "Celebrating 50 years of Nationhood" was befitting to reflect this important anniversary celebration. Efforts were also intensified in all advertising and promotional activities, including the call for action "The time is now. The place is Malaysia" together with its simple yet impactful slogan "Malaysia Truly Asia". In line with the 50th Anniversary of Malaysia’s Independence, over 200 events were held across the country with 50 major events showcasing Malaysia’s wealth of tourism attractions. All in all, VMY 2007 charted tremendous success beyond expectations, recording 20.97 million in tourist arrivals and RM46.1 billion in tourist receipts, an increase of 3.42 million and RM9.8 billion from the previous year respectively.

Visit Malaysia Year 2014 - "Celebrating 1Malaysia Truly Asia" and more than 28 million in tourist arrivals

In 2014, Malaysia celebrated its fourth Visit Malaysia Year with the theme "Celebrating 1Malaysia Truly Asia" to reflect the diversity and the unity of the Malaysian society. The Proboscis Monkey was chosen as the mascot for VMY 2014, while the promotional campaign began early in 2013 with a series of special events and activities, leading to VMY 2014.

Visit Malaysia Year 2020 – “Visit Truly Asia Malaysia”

The year 2020 holds a special place in the heart of Malaysians, with VMY 2020 set to become a festive year-long event. This fifth Visit Malaysia year since 1990 will be held with renewed vigour and passion as we celebrate the successes and challenges we have experienced together as a nation. With the chosen theme ‘Visit Truly Asia Malaysia’, a myriad of exciting and lively events has been lined-up to bring to light all of Malaysia’s bountiful offerings in terms of art, culture, cuisine, history, natural beauty and others.

The multi-coloured logo for VMY 2020 not only represents the richness of Malaysia’s flora and fauna but also symbolises cultural diversity – featuring the iconic rhinoceros hornbill, the red hibiscus as our national flower, and wild ferns. Meanwhile, the official theme song of VMY 2020, a fusion of traditional musical elements and modern tunes, adds an upbeat feel to the promotion of this memorable event, which we celebrate with great pride and joy.

For more details please visit Visit Malaysia 2020 Official site.

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