Rationale Trophy

Excellence recognised, excellence rewarded’ is the platform that personifies the concept behind the Malaysia Tourism Awards.

Bestowed by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, the awards represent the pinnacle of achievement in avenues in relation to and in reflection of the Malaysian tourism industry.

Finalists can take pride in having been voted for superiority and winners can place a feather in their cap as having been voted as the crème del a creme.

2015 sees the emergence of a new design trophy that makes a proud statement on the Malaysia Tourism Awards. A picture of elegance, the trophy is completely moulded out of crystal, a material that symbolises class.

Shaped with a trapezium base and a globe on top held by two triangular towers either way, the elements uphold the premise that the world comes to Malaysia and Malaysia is one of the world’s most visited countries.

In the globe, the depiction of world class is evidently conveyed through its position as the crowning glory atop the trophy and the finely laid out map of Malaysia strengthened by the edition and the logo of ‘Malaysia Tourism Awards’. While the triangular towers signify the interconnection between the world and Malaysia, one draws on the fact that Malaysia is a magnet for global tourists and one encapsulates the fact that Malaysian hospitality, friendliness, warmth and multiculturalism is a showcase to the world.

Appearing uncannily as an hour glass, the triangular towers poetically paint the picture that the time to visit Malaysia, is now.

Reaching towards the globe, the shape and the finish of the triangular towers complete the promise that the Malaysian tourism industry has indeed matured in sophistication.

Within the base, lies a plate, in gold colour, which epitomises prestige.

It is inscribed with the majestic crest of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, along with the category and the sub-category of the award.

World-class is reflected beyond the trophy, it is equally reflected in the winners.

Being bestowed the Malaysia Tourism Award is indeed ‘Excellence recognised, excellence rewarded’.

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