Mar 1, 2016

INTRODUCING MISS SHOPhia! Shopping Malaysia’s Icon for Super Bargains, Fantastic Experiences

KUALA LUMPUR, 1 March 2016 – Tourism Malaysia unveiled the icon for the ultimate Malaysian shopper today. Fondly called Miss SHOPhia (pronounced Sho’ fi’ ah or Shop’ ia), she portrays a connoisseur of fashion, design, food and an all-round debutante with an appreciation of the finer things in life. She also has a penchant for gadgets, always keeping tabs on the latest innovations in the market.

That’s not all.Miss SHOPhia also reflects a fine young woman who does not forget her roots, as she has a deep appreciation of culture and a refined knowledge of Malaysian handicrafts and traditional motifs used in the design of Malaysian-made products, such as fabrics and decorative items.

Tourism Malaysia through the Secretariat Shopping Malaysia will promote Miss SHOPhia as the ultimate shopping companion who will guide shoppers on fashion trends, the latest news on when and where to shop, what to look out for and get the best out of shopping in Malaysia.

Miss SHOPhia will draw the attention of shoppers to Malaysia’s thrice yearly annual sales – the 1Malaysia Super Sale (1 – 31 March) (replaces the 1Malaysia Grand Prix Sale), 1Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival (15 June – 31 Aug), and 1Malaysia Year-End Sale (1 Nov – 31 Dec). These three shopping campaigns offer huge bargains, special deals, and duty-free offers at entry/exit points, as well as events and activities in hundreds of shopping outlets nationwide.

Miss SHOPhia will highlight Malaysia’s varied shopping locations – from the cool comfort of chic malls and stores to charming open-air markets, where the shopping atmosphere comes alive with an extensive offer for the best shopping, dining, entertainment and leisure experiences ever.

Miss SHOPhia will not only be used to attract Malaysian shoppers, she will also be featured in overseas promotional shopping campaigns to entice tourists to visit Malaysia and enjoy the diverse shopping experiences throughout the country. She will update tourists on Malaysia’s shopping scene and happenings through her shopping and food blog, and take on cameo roles in viral videos and television commercials.

Miss SHOPhia’s appearance will change according to her various roles and personalities as she presents herself to the different Malaysian communities and the various global markets. For instance, she will don the exquisite kebaya for Hari Raya, cheongsam for Chinese New Year, saree for Deepavali and Santarina costume for Christmas.

Besides that, her persona will also be specially created to appeal to the targeted overseas markets, such as ASEAN, China, India, Oceania and Middle East. Such targeted marketing with an air of lightness, spontaneity and creativity is a departure from static and conventional advertising.

Miss SHOPhia will inject freshness to Malaysia’s shopping campaigns in tune with the times and the ever-changing market expectations worldwide.


  • Female cosmopolitan Malaysian lady in her 30s. Mixed race.
  • Educated in Malaysia and abroad, majoring in Contemporary Arts and Design with a minor in Social Studies.
  • A writer by profession, and an ardent traveller.
  • Familiar with and interested in fashion trends and global developments in gadgets and other design elements.
  • Enjoys local and international cuisine.
  • A health buff who exercises regularly and enjoys various adventure sports, including scuba diving, cycling, trekking and off-road driving.
  • Enjoys the company of family and friends when she travels, shops and dines.
  • Has two cats.
  • Facebook page :
  • Instagram : @miss_shophia

For more information, kindly contact:-

Baizuri binti Baharum
, Secretariat Shopping Malaysia
Tel: +603-8891 8469


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Through the Tourism NKEA (National Key Economic Area), collaborative efforts between the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, other Government agencies and the private sector have been enhanced to help secure Malaysia’s position as a leading tourist destination and achieve the country’s target of 36 million tourist arrivals and RM168 billion in receipts by 2020.

The targets set under the Tourism NKEA will be achieved through the implementation of twelve Entry Point Projects (EPPs) clustered under five themes: Affordable Luxury; Nature Adventure; Family Fun; Events, Entertainment, Spa and Sports; and Business Tourism.

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