Sep 6, 2023


As we approach the momentous occasions of Merdeka and Malaysia Day, the spirit of ‘Malaysia Madani’ beckons us to unite and celebrate. Embrace this special time by sharing cherished moments with your loved ones and delve into the essence of togetherness and patriotism at Pavilion REIT Malls.

From savouring delectable Malaysian cuisine to experiencing the joy of watching the latest movies together, discover myriad ways to weave the Merdeka theme into your holiday.

The Beauty of Tiffins

Ina Fadilah, founder of Jeiwa (left) and Jeiwa’s team of artists showcasing their works (right)

Tiffins act as a symbol of unity and multiculturalism as they can be commonly found in many Malaysian households. In support of local artists, SMEs and people with disabilities (PwD), Intermark Mall is celebrating the 66th year of Merdeka in collaboration with Jeiwa with their Sehati Sejiwa campaign, providing underprivileged artists and PwD a platform through a training program to craft a stunning art installation using tiffins. In addition, the exceptional works of award-winning deaf and mute artist Nur Amiratul Farahin bt Ab. Rahman will be showcased in her first mini exhibition until 17 September 2023.

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