Jan 8, 2009

Local Spa Training Marches Towards International Platform

For the first time internationally accredited programs in spa and wellness will be offered by a local training spa and wellness academy in Malaysia.  Starting January 2009, Energy Academy is offering a series of modular programs specially tailored to upgrade skills of existing spa workers to help them towards a professional career in the industry.  It also offers an opportunity for those working in other fields to go into the spa and wellness industry, or for young people looking to build a career in a field that offers tremendous career opportunities and personal satisfaction.  Among the series are two diploma and certificate modules designed for establishing professional standards and accreditation in Malaysia. This is in line with Malaysia’s aspiration to have a certified work force for the wellness industry.

The International Certification Module comes with a diploma issued by the Confederation of International Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology (CIBTAC) UK, one of the most reputable assessment bodies in the spa and beauty industry worldwide. Its endorsement assures professionalism which is internationally recognised. This CIBTAC accredited module covers spa therapy, anatomy and physiology, Swedish massage and aromatherapy, both in theory and in practice.

The National Certification Module is certified by the Malaysian Ministry of Human Resources. This government-endorsed programme will issue graduates the Certificate of Malaysian National Occupational Skill Standard (JPK, formerly known as MLVK). It exemplifies the efforts of the Malaysian government to standardise and upgrade the overall quality of domestic spa and health services.  Energy Academy is one of the first to support this important new direction. Subjects include: Basic Anatomy and Physiology, First Aid, CPR, Health & Safety for Therapist, Carer and Fitness Instructor.
Rahatul Baney Mohd Amin, Administrator and Executive Director of Energy Academy, says that unlike other skills-oriented programmes, the training emphasises both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Anatomy and physiology are basic subjects all students must learn.          
“It is a fundamental, important knowledge for all levels of professionals in the industry, whether they are therapists, practitioners, spa managers, or simply individuals who want to learn an extra skill for personal knowledge. It’s the essential common language which helps us understand better about our body and its various functions and symptoms, so that we can deliver better results when applying any kind of therapy.” She also believes that this can also bring us long-term health benefits individually.

The Energy Academy will be offering An Integrated and Strategic Approach to Spa & Wellness Management and Leadership Development.   This programme covers topics such as developing a successful spa ‘menu’, increasing revenue, selling skills, team working and marketing in the spa environment, all practical issues which are crucial for successful delivery, important and relevant to those in Management in the spa and wellness industry or owners of a spa and wellness business.

Another unique aspect of Energy Academy is apart from their mainstream spa and wellness modules of study, it will offer additional curriculum covering a diverse range of topics aimed at anyone interested to improve their personal beauty and wellness, who want to pursue new skills or to gain knowledge, or professionals interested in extending their repertoire of spa services for their clients. The main objective is open the field of knowledge in spa and wellness to as many people as possible.

“Spa and wellness goes hand in hand but spa unfortunately is a much misunderstood word. Many have never been to a spa but have negative pre-conceived ideas about it.  Yet personal wellness is on everyone’s wish list.  For the movers in the industry, it is our duty to correct this misconception and help make spa and wellness a way of life for as many people as possible. Education, knowledge and accreditation will be the winds of change.“ said Datin Ramona.

Energy Academy is also planning a series of Visiting Masters Programmes, inviting international Master Therapists to give skills upgrading workshops.  "We hope the Authorities will assist with this transfer of knowledge possible by making it speedy and easy to obtain work visas for these Master Therapists to conduct workshops for the benefit of local therapists and the Malaysian Spa and Wellness industry" added Datin Ramona.

“This is a good way to ensure Malaysian therapists continuously upgrade their skills and learn from the best.”  said Datin Ramona.

With the formal launch of the Academy and its website today, all modules and programmes are open for recruitment. For details and background of trainers, please visit our website: www.energyacademy.com.my

Online Registration for JPK Certification (National Occupational Skill Standard):

More queries: contact Baney 0169009495 or baney@energymindbodyspirit.com
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