Visit Malaysia 2020

Logo Rationale


The Visit Malaysia 2020 is a landmark initiative that has received the support and endorsement of the Honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia in 2017. It is a key development towards the realisation of the Malaysia Tourism Transformation Plan goals that by the year 2020, Malaysia will welcome a total of 36 million tourists and register RM168 billion in tourist receipts.

The Visit Malaysia 2020 initiative not only aims to rally all industry players towards this common goal, but is a call to welcome tourists from all over the world to experience Malaysia’s warm hospitality and diverse tourist attractions.

Design Elements

The Visit Malaysia 2020 logo is designed to create a simple yet powerful branding of this milestone event. The logo design incorporates striking elements and iconic tourist attractions. The objective of the logo is to create an atmosphere that is lively, vibrant and fun, in line with Malaysia’s colourful tourism industry. The main feature of this logo is the stamp design element, which symbolises communication and endorsement.It also evokes the nostalgia of sharing experiences through postcards during holidays and vacations. The numbers 2020 create a strong and identifiable symbol of Visit Malaysia 2020. The Orang Utan and Proboscis Monkey are among the country’s treasured wildlife. The portrayal of these unique wildlife indicates the rich flora and fauna in Malaysia. The green circlesurrounding the wildlife denotes the conservation efforts to protect and preserve our natural wealth. The sea turtle, which was first featured during PATA ’86 in Kuala Lumpur, was subsequently adopted as the logo of TouristDevelopment Corporation of Malaysia (TDC). Known for its ability to travel far and wide, the nature and habitat of sea turtles represent a traveller’s journeys. It is also associated with Malaysia’s islands and beaches, which is a major draw for tourists to this region.

The glittering Petronas Twin Towers is the tallest twin towers in the 20th century. It is an all-time world record for Malaysia and a symbol of our continuous progress. The palm tree symbolises Malaysia’s tropical weather and idyllic beaches, which are famed throughout the world. The sunglasses worn by the wildlife depict the year-round sunshine that makes Malaysia a playground for sun-seekers.


The main colours blue, red and yellow represent the colours of Jalur Gemilang or the national flag. The colour pink, which is generally associated with love and affection, represents the warm and friendly nature of Malaysians as they welcome visitors during the Visit Malaysia 2020.It also depicts Malaysia’s diverse cultures, traditions and fine arts that give the country its unique appeal. Green stands for nature and conservation.


The tagline ‘Travel. Enjoy. Respect.’ is used in affiliation with World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). This tagline was originally used in UNWTO’s consumer-oriented campaign that was aimed at raising awareness on the value and contribution that sustainable tourism can make towards development. It aims to engage tourists in making the tourism sector a catalyst for positive change. It is adopted in the logo and supports Malaysia’s own conservation policies outlined in the National Eco-Tourism Plan 2016-2025.

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