Dec 12, 2017

Tourism Malaysia 2016 Annual Report

2016 was a year of active international promotions by Tourism Malaysia, with sales missions, roadshows, exhibitions and expositions carried out all over the world, but mainly focusing in Asia. Some of the places Tourism Malaysia went to include India, Korea, Philippines, Germany, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom. Seminars and education were also given more attention this year, along with a few other special programs, mostly partnerships with airlines.

Various domestic and niche tourism promotions were also organised, and a lot of advertising and publicity and promotion support was also focused on.

With a total of 26.8 million arrivals in 2016, Malaysia achieved 87.9% of the 30.5 million tourist arrivals targeted for the year. Though it missed the mark, Malaysia’s 2016 tourism performance showed a 4.0% growth that promised of better things to come.

To learn more about Malaysia’s encouraging performance and promotional efforts, both internationally and domestically, just click here to download the full annual report!

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