Jul 11, 2008

World Islamic Tourism Conference & Expo 2008 (WITCX 2008)

8-11TH OCTOBER 2008

It is with great pleasure that we bring you the World Islamic Tourism Conference & Expo 2008. The World Islamic Tourism Conference & Expo 2008 also known as WITCX 2008 which will be held on the 8 - 11th October 2008 in Putra World Trade Centre will comprise of 4 days of Conferences, Expo and Exhibition/Seminar. WITCX 2008 is the ground breaking forum for the global Islamic tourism industry to meet, interact and transact business. WITCX 2008 will comprise of international sellers, buyers, corporations, associations, incentive planners, event organizers and industry media.

WITCX 2008 is jointly organized by OIC International Business and Donaplus Tours and Travel Sdn Bhd in collaboration with the Malaysian Islamic Trade Chamber. WITCX 2008 is also fully supported by the Government of Malaysia and Tourism Malaysia.

The Expo will comprise of over 1000 local and international sellers and buyers and will be held in Halls 4 & 5. The Conference will comprise of over 1000 local and international delegates and will be held in Dewan Tun Hussein Onn. The Exhibition is open to all the Expo and Conference delegates as well as to Invited Guests and the General Public and will be held in Legar Putra.

WITCX 2008 is a niche event specially organized to promote Islamic Tourism not only in Malaysia and Asia Pacific but also globally. WITCX 2008 focus will be different from other tourism fairs as it envisions approaching Islamic Tourism in a more holistic way. It will not only cover Haj and Umrah but will also include Islamic destinations in the 57 OIC countries such as Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Egypt, Senegal, just to name a few. Other than that, it also includes ASEAN and emerging markets in Non-Muslim countries such as China, India, Korea, Hong Kong and Australia.

The tourism sector forms a significant component of the GDP for most OIC Member Countries. A large number of OIC members are also homes to world heritage sites of inestimable value to world culture and history. Tourism in OIC nations is a sector that has immense economic potential and a demonstrated capacity for growth. It is seen as an avenue to strengthen cooperation among the OIC countries towards greater collaboration and closer economic relations. As such, the 57 OIC countries stand to benefit greatly from a renewed emphasis on tourism development and enhancement in business network as envisioned in WITCX 2008. The WITCX 2008 is poised to be the leading travel and tourism trade fair dedicated to unlocking the potential of Global Islamic Tourism.

The World Islamic Tourism Conference & Expo 2008 comprises of the following:

  • v WITCX 2008 (EXPO)

The objective of the Expo is to showcase tourism products throughout the 57 OIC countries and to draw the interest of local and international buyers & sellers.

The WITCX 2008 Expo is targeted to increase intra OIC country tourist arrivals and tourism related business and activities. The Expo also aims to support and enhance not only the tourism sector but also the MICE sector in all OIC countries globally.

Comprise of over 1000 local and international sellers and buyers, the WITCX 2008 Expo will establish a platform to make way to break into non-traditional markets as well as to strengthen international markets.

  • v WITCX 2008 (Conference)

The theme of the conference is "Hidden Islamic Wonders". Prominent speakers from all over the world will be invited to speak on crucial topics involving potentials of Islamic Wonders around the world, the issues faced in promoting the Wonders and to share success stories on how they have managed to showcase and enhance tourism to this Hidden Islamic Wonders.

The conference will have speakers and panellists from all over the world conducting in depth discussions in their respective fields on ways to increase intra OIC trade and tourism. WITCX 2008 Conference is expected to be attended by over 1000 delegates from all over the world.

  • v WITCX 2008 (Exhibition/Seminar)

The exhibition will showcase cultural performances and heritages from the 57 OIC countries. The objective is to educate and promote the hidden cultures and heritages of the OIC countries that are unknown to the world.

The objective of the seminar is to further educate delegates on certain protocols, and other information that are needed to know when visiting the OIC countries. The exhibition and seminar is open to all delegates of the Expo and Conference, invited guests and the general public.

For more information on WITCX 2008, please contact WITCX secretariat at 603 2141 9495/ 9496 or email to admin@witcx.com

SEE YOU AT WITCX 2008, 8 - 11th OCTOBER 2008!

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