Aug 27, 2020

Cuti - Cuti Malaysia from RM12 onwards, Book now travel later Buy one Free one..... Recalibrating Local Economy via Domestic Tourism

As part ongoing Cuti-Cuti Malaysia Campaign, , a local direct online booking portal endorsed by MyBHA and Tourism is launching domestic holidays starting from RM12 onwards.

“By promoting domestic and interstate travel, people will start to spend monies for all form of services such as food, attractions, adventure economy , shoppings and many more in their destination of visit. This is critical to ensure that all stakeholders to work closely to incentivise local to travel” Said President Budget Hotel Association, Hajah Emmy Suraya Hussien.

Today, Malaysia is considered as one of the safest country to travel domestically as the majority of the areas in our country are under green zone and there is no stopping Malaysians from enjoying their holidays as long as we follow the SOP strictly together.

This special promotional campaign of Cuti-cuti Malaysia also incorporated a special promotion , Book now travel later campaign where bookings made is valid till 31 August 2021 , first of its kind in market.

Other important features of the promotions are 60

1. Buy one Free One.
2. Merdeka promotion rooms at RM63 (normal prices between rm90 to rm160)
3. Discounts on attraction tickets up to 65% for selected attractions across Malaysia.
4. Other special rates for limited period.

All bookings must be done latest up to 31 March 2021 depending on the type of promotions.

Key features of the promotions by MyBHA members are , MyBHA members are committed to :

  1. Cultivating Trust = Tourism Players to strictly follow the SOP on Hygiene and Prevention Practices.
  2. Flexibility.
  3. Rebuilding our Local Economy Together.
  4. Local Dedicated One stop Tourism and Direct Booking Platform/App.
    Saving of outflow of money due to commission paid up to foreign online travel agents which amounting RM15 Billion annually. MOTAC and Tourism together with MyBHA, and other industry stakeholders are working together on this.
  5. Local Economy Stimulator Driven Industry.
    All Malaysians are encouraged to help stimulate our local economy by traveling domestic for holidays by making bookings from the portal. All payments are done locally and you can get a rebate up to RM1000 for domestic holidays as a personal income tax incentive rebate given by the Government in the Covid-19 Tourism Stimulus Package offered by the Government.
  6. New Norm in Travel.
    For all Malaysians, travelling and practicing the normal Hygiene SOP is already a norm. We hope a new trend of travelling on weekdays can be cultivate with industry stakeholders offering discounts during week day and companies allow staff to travel and work half day during their holidays must be supported.

Little Ambassadors.

MWY hopes that all Malaysians can do their part as little ambassadors of their towns, villages and city for all their visitors both local and international visitors by providing Happy, Friendly and Welcoming Always type of culture.

MWY also is currently having a vlog tourism competition and we hope all Malaysians can participate by showcasing the best of your town, village or city by participating in the competitions.

For more information, please feel free to contact us at

Or visit our website at

Kenneth Oh
012 209 6287

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