Stories of Malaysia, proudly told by Malaysians. Explore a different side of Malaysia that's not in travel brochures - sometimes nostalgic, occasionally funny, always personal.
  • My Brickfields

    My Brickfields

    To many, Brickfields is synonymous with Little India. But a walk through its humble streets will quickly reveal an amazingly sophisticated level of cultural diversity. Join Chan as he peels back the layers of its history and shares what this neighbourhood means to him.
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  • My Taiping

    My Taiping

    My Taiping is the story of a young Indian novelist who grew up in Taiping. He shares what Taiping means to him, including Taiping's "40 firsts": an impressive yet lesser known list of Taiping's achievements in the nation's history.
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  • My Penang

    My Penang

    My Penang is the story of an Australian couple who have been living in Penang for a few years. For him, it's a return to a place where, a decade earlier, he discovered the delights of Malaysia; for her, it's her first exhilarating taste of Southeast Asia.
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