Fruit Farms

You’re in for a juicy exotic treat with a trip down to a Malaysian fruit farm. With some 370 species of fruits in our orchards, this is a golden opportunity to savour the colourful harvest Malaysia has to offer.

Many fruit farms open their doors to the public for visits. Some conserve the rare and exotic fruit trees and promote local agriculture, allowing tourists to sample the fruits as part of the visit. Aside from popular tropical favourites such as mangoes, papayas, and melons, other unique flavours include mangosteens, dragon fruits and pomelos.

Visitors should at least try the “king of fruits” - durians. Distinctive in all aspects, from its large size, unique odour and thorn-covered husk, the fruit’s creamy flesh emits a powerful (some say repulsive) aroma, even if the fruit remains unopened. Durians come in exotically named varieties, ranging from Red Prawn, Green Skin Ang Bak, D604, Red Litter and Golden Pillow. Visits to durian farms and special packages for durian buffets are easily available.