Bukit Jawa, Lenggong

Bukit Jawa is an open site where evidence of Palaeolithic culture was found. This site is situated at latitude 5˚ 07.72’ north and longitude 100˚ 59.55’ east, with a height of 104 meters above sea level. It was discovered by Universiti Sains Malaysia, and research was carried out in 1996.

A mapping of the environment around Kota Tampan was carried out, hence the discovery of a possible site at Bukit Jawa. From the findings, sediments at the river bed were more than 72 meters above sea level, and may have been used by a pre-historic community.

Bukit Jawa’s site unearthed evidence that layers of sediments at Sungai Perak were used by the Paleleothic community as a base for tool making, circa 100,000 – 200, 000 years ago. They used hammers, and other tools which were evident from the thousands of stone shards found at the site.
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