Penang Botanic Gardens

100-year-old trees, forested hills and the giant water lilies of the Amazon River basin are just some of nature’s treasures awaiting visitors to the Penang Botanic Gardens.

Also known as the Waterfall Gardens because of the cascading waterfalls nearby, the Gardens were originally established by the British in 1884 as a research centre studying the commercial viability of exquisite plants from different parts of the world. These days, the Gardens not only offer tranquillity from the urban rush, but also an education in botanical conservation.

There are many walking tracks one can choose from, leading to plants like the Pinang Palm (Areca catechu, from which the island of Penang got its name), and wildlife such as long-tailed Macaques, Dusky Leaf Monkeys, Black Giant Squirrels and a myriad of insects and butterflies. A note if you’re planning on having a picnic: the monkeys aren’t exactly coy about wanting a share of your food, so be prepared for the eventuality that you may need to refuel later.

An international flower fest is held at the Penang Botanic Gardens every year, along with several other events.

The Garden is open daily from 5am to 8pm. Guided tours are available for the public and organised groups. Admission is free.
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