Kota Kuala Muda, Muara Sungai Muda

This city is situated at the mouth of Sungai Muda, in the south of Kedah. It is estimated to have been built in the 18th Century. In its heyday, the city was an important trading post in Asia. Goods traded here included silver and spices that attracted traders from China, India, Portugal, Netherlands and England. The lack of land transportation contributed to the it’s prosperity. The city progressed rapidly in 1786 with the opening of Penang as a trading hub. Trading goods such as silver were brought in from Kedah, Perak had to pass Kuala Kedah first. Tax was also levied on ships plying its waters, and Kuala Muda became a prosperous and busy trade city.

In 1804, the development of trade in the city attracted the attention of Kedah’s Sultan, Sultan Ahmad Tajuddin Halim Shah in Alor Setar. He later moved to Kuala Muda, and a castle was built at nearby Pulau Tiga. His presence in Kuala Muda help the city to flourish. In 1875, the city made history when Raja Ismail of Perak used it as a hideout to run away from the English after killing J.W.W Birch. He remained hidden for six months before eventually surrendering to the English.
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